“Wisteria Jane” By Amber Harris. (Book Review) |

Wisteria Jane is one part rainbows & smiles, the other part chaos and frowns. She’s named after her mom’s favorite flower, Wisteria, and loves all things mud puddles and unicorns. In her first adventure, she works on being honest to her friends, without adding in the not-so-nice parts that don’t need to be said. But brutal honesty seems to be her forte at first! The important topic of this book makes it a great one to read to explore the topic of honesty with your child and teach them how to be truthful without hurting people’s feelings, especially the feelings of their friends. The illustrations by Ard Hoyt are absolutely charming, Dolly loved all the great expressions and bright colors! This is a great book for the classroom, ages 3-8 especially.

Title: Wisteria Jane
Author: Amber Harris
Publisher: Redleaf Lane Press