“Wiggle-Waggle-Woof 1-2-3”, by Cherie B. Stihler. (Book Review)

Dolly gets comfy to read this exciting Alaskan sled dog adventure!

“Wiggle-Waggle-Woof 1-2-3”, by Cherie B. Stihler, has quickly become one of our favorite books! The book follows a pack of charming and energetic sled dogs as they get ready to mush on the Alaskan frontier. The pups are adorable and playful, but we learn they have alot of team work cut out for them by the last turn of the page.

The illustrations are great and give this book a classic, old-school book look to it because of the great bright yet muted colors.

Author Cherie B. Stihler is a teacher who lived about the arctic circle for 20 years, a fact that is not surprising and probably the reason the book feels so authentically Alaskan. The book does a thorough job celebrating and teaching the reader about this unique culture and way of life in Alaska. This board book, perfect for little fingers, is based on authors’ 2009 picture book, which Dolly and I absolutely must own now that we love this one so very much!

If these adorable sled dogs don’t encourage your child to begin or practice counting, no one will! We count up and down which is great practice both ways. Besides being a counting book, this book also teaches great first words, opposites, body parts (noses, eyes, ears, heads, tails) and senses (see, sniff). And, finally, in addition to those, this book also has fun sounds to accompany each number, “rattle”, “clang”, “jingle”. But of course it is most fun when repeating the main phrase “Wiggle-Waggle, Wiggle-Waggle, Woof! Woof! Woof!”!

MUSH! Pick up this book for your little one and get ready to race with a pack of fearless sled dogs!