“Who’s Hungry?” by Dean Hacohen. (Book Review) |

Who’s Hungry? DOLLY! She has a big appetite for good books! (and cheese doodles)

Children love feeding animals—and now it’s as easy as turning the page (and minus the licking and immediate hand washing hehe!)!

“Who’s Hungry?” is an adorable and absolutely hilarious new “flip the flaps” picture book from Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt. It’s time to eat, and all the animals are hungry…and need your little one’s help! They’ll have to feed them, one by one, with a simple turn of the page! The bunny needs a carrot? Flip the flap and that carrot’s almost devoured! Squirrel wants one of those acorns? Here you go, Squirrel. Monkey wants a banana? Monkey gets a banana! Wait until you see the delight that comes from your child feeding the animals!

The illustrations are big and colorful and each character is friendly… and hungry! This is also a great book to practice manners (the animals say “thank you” after you help them!) and other teachable moments like what types of food are healthy, and what favorite foods animals have!