“Who Wants a Hug?”, by Jeff Mack. (Book Review)

Dolly would LOVE a big, bear hug from Bear!!

P U !!! What is that you smell? A delicious new book!

All the forest animals want a big bear hug from happy go lucky Bear! Well, everyone except Skunk. Bear keeps offering them when it looks like he might need one and Skunk keeps resisting. Bear starts to get on Skunk’s nerves so Skunk devises a plan to get extra stinky and keep him away for good! He pulls out his suitcase of “Super Stinky Tricks” – smelly fish, rotting garbage – enough stink to keep any Bear away…right?

As an adult reader, I dare you not to be hooked on this children’s book with the first page; I laughed out loud to “free slugs” every time I read the book. Bear is so overwhelmingly sweet and cheerful, you love him but you also quickly grow to love grouchy skunk!

The big and happy drawings are refreshingly old-school cartoon-like. This book was so classically fun it made me feel like I did when I spent Saturday mornings watching the roadrunner cartoons! The signs, the fact that every trick that Skunk tries to pull on Bear just seem to come back to bite him, all perfectly hilarious, all made me feel like I am sharing a slice of my childhood with my daughter. She loves the big drawings, the happy   faces, loved all the hugging, all the resisting, all the hyjinx from Skunk. Your kid will get a kick out of this book, I highly recommend adding it to your bookshelf!

Dolly says Thank You to Jeff Mack for the great poster!

Title: Who Wants a Hug?
Author: Jeff Mack
Genre: childrens
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: January 6, 2015