IMG_8882VIP: BATTLE OF THE BANDS by Jen Calonita
This sweet and sassy adventure follows Mac as she tours with her favorite band! It’s up to her to keep the band together and on the road to stardom! This story is bound to be a “big hit” with your tween crowd!!
Dolly is a little young to review this one, so we left it in the capable hands of the smart and beautiful Goretti Muriithi! Check out her great review below! And don’t forget to
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“VIP Battle of the Bands” by Jen Calonita. Illustrated by Kristen Gudsnuk
Book Review by Goretti Muriithi

‘VIP Battle of the Bands’ is a life-thrilling diary of Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Lowell. In this thrilling sequel to ‘VIP I’m with the Band’, Mac spends her summer vacation on a tour with her favorite boy band, Perfect Storm! Mac couldn’t be happier when her mom became the tour manager. But after a certain prediction by Madam Celeste, things go downhill for Perfect Storm. A new band called Thunder and Lightning stole a song about Mac that was written by Perfect Storm’s songwriter, Kyle Beyer. More so, a mysterious blogger called Bad Kitty spreads Perfect Storm’s secrets, which starts ruining their reputation. The big question…will Mac stop the leaks and capture the culprit?

My favorite part of this book is when Mac, her friend Jilly, and the three Perfect Storm bandmates help her set a trap to catch Bad Kitty and reveal her identity. I would recommend this book to other preteens because it is brilliant and has recently published. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!!


Goretti is ready to ROCK OUT with the band!! 🙂



VIP: Battle of the Bands Book Cover VIP: Battle of the Bands
Jen Calonita
Juvenile Fiction
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
July 26, 2016

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