“Tovi the Penguin Goes to the Seaside” by Janina Rossiter. (Book Review) |

Tovi’s back… and this time his adventures are taking him out of London, and to the ocean! Tovi and company unpack their beach bags and settle in for a nice day at the shore. They build sand castles, look for shells and hermit crabs, and then doze off for a nap in the sun. But when they awake they are surrounded by water! They’re lucky they know how to swim, but why weren’t they warned they are in a part of the beach where the tide comes far in? Can they uncover a helpful tool that will save the next beach patrons? This is a cute story from Janina Rossiter, as are all the Tovi series of books. We like to see Tovi vacationing… even penguins need some time off I guess! hehe! Dolly loves the bright colored digital illustrations, and she especially loves trying to spot the ladybug playing hide-and-seek on every page! This is the perfect story to pack for your trip to the beach

You can check out more about Tovi and his adventures at www.tovithepenguin.com

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