“Tough Cookie” by Kate Louise. (Book Review)

Can you still be a gingerbread man if you aren’t made with any ginger? This gingerbread man isn’t so sure, and feeling lost and incomplete, he acts out in a very fresh manner, causes a ruckus with the other cookies and makes a big mess for the baker. He throws flour on the floor, squirts icing on the walls, showers the counter with sprinkles. The baker teaches him to use all his energy for good, and to be proud of who he is and helpful rather than hurtful. He’s a tough cookie to convince but finally, he decides to be nice and help decorate the cookies and pies rather than create a scene.

“Tough Cookie” lightheartedly explains that it isn’t where you come from or how you’re made that makes you a good person… anyone and everyone can practice kindness and good will toward others; we are all works in progress! Dolly loved the colorful and cheerful illustrations by Grace Sandford! Truth be told, it made us crave sweets so we hit the store for all the ingredients to make our own gingerbread men! None of the cookies were tougher than Dolly though, she ate all their buttons before we could complete a single cookie! Dolly laughed at the mess the gingerbread man was making but we liked when he was a good cookie and helped decorate cookies, just like we were!

Visit author Kate Louise at https://katelouiseauthor.wordpress.com/ (Dolly loves her other books, especially “The Upside-Down Fish”) and make sure you pick up this sweet treat, “Tough Cookie” for your little sweetie this holiday season!