“Tooth Fairy Tykes” (free e-book review) |

Tooth Fairy Tykes has quickly become a fun family tradition for thousands of families around the world, our family included!!!

Did you know Tooth Fairy loves children of ALL ages – and they like to make visits to check up on even very little ones whose teeth are just starting to sprout? Dolly has about 10 teeth in her cute little mouth, and has been brushing since she was a year old. She has always enjoyed brushing and has never given Mom or Dad a hard time about it. But for many children, brushing teeth is an unwanted chore and a headache for the parents. If that’s not the case but your older child is starting to lose their teeth and you have no cute idea for how to have the Tooth Fairy visit to take their teeth, this is where Tooth Fairy Tykes can come in and make memories for the whole family to share!

The magic begins when the Tooth Fairy sends a Tooth Fairy Tyke to your child. These tykes are really cute fairy dolls that comes in a variety of styles. The Tooth Fairy Tyke can arrive for when you want the brushing fun to begin, or later when your child has a loose tooth. For the latter, after your child loses their tooth, they put it in theTooth Fairy Tyke’s pouch. The Tooth Fairy can snuggle or watch over them that night before a toy or coin gets switched out for the tooth overnight. The Tooth Fairy Tyke can leave when the do the exchange of Tooth for toy, or, your Tooth Fairy Tyke can stay longer and help you brush your teeth at night, or visit at any time to check up on your hygiene and brushing habits, or to just say hi and play!

Dolly is working on all her baby teeth coming in, and in the meantime, she has been having lots of fun playing with her Tooth Fairy Tyke, bringing it to her first dentist visit, and into the bathroom each morning and night to keep her company as she brushes her teeth. Her fairy has also been a great comfort to her in her big girl bed at night!
Share the magic of Tooth Fairy Tykes with your family by downloading your very own FREE ebook today! The story is great and you and your kids will love it! It encourages kids to name their Tooth Fairies (Dolly named hers Abbie) and keeps them responsible for their actions. Parents, you can even Email the Tooth Fairy ! Do like Dolly and I and make memories one tooth at a time with Tooth Fairy Tykes. The FREE e-book and free tooth fairy timer app at www.toothfairytykes.com