“Time for (Earth) School, Dewey Dew” by Leslie Staub. (Book Review)

After a long morning at her own school here on Planet Earth, Dolly snoozes after reading Dewey Dew 🙂

Click-Clack Waddle Dot Dewey Dew from Planet Eight Hundred Seventy-Two Point Nine is not interested into attending school, he is perfectly happy at home with his Mom. Now, not only does he have to attend school, but school on a different planet, where all the students are sure to be VERY different from him. Off he goes to Mrs. Brightsun’s School for Little Learners on Planet Earth, where he feels confused and embarrassed about not fitting in. But as soon as he makes one friend, his day goes from bad to rad! Dewey learns that school may be pretty cool after all!

This book is a sweet story that kids attending school for the first time will relate to. It shares messages of hanging in there when the going gets tough, and about being a good friend to a classmate who seems nervous. Best of all it is illustrated by one of our personal favorites – Jeff Mack! Oh how we love Jeff Mack! So much character, friendliness and humor in his drawings, Dolly is always glued to her seat! Blast off the the book store and pick this one up!

Title: Time for (Earth) School, Dewey Dew
Author: Leslie Staub
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (June 21, 2016)
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Pages: 32