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Yes, even mice attend school. Why? To make sure they can recognize their biggest nemesis, the cat! Welcome to Sunny Hills Mice School where the students gift their teachers cheese instead of apples and the major lesson to learn is what animals are dangerous! Miss Mouse, the teacher, asks them, “Is this a cat?, Is this a cat?” to various recognizable animals. The class responds “no” of course, and start to lose interest, that is, until a real threat arrives at the window! But is it really a cat, or another animal in disguise, just trying to get some of Miss Mouse’s cheese? You’ll have to find out!


Dolly really loved this book, and I mean REALLY! As evident by the photos, it is a real laugh-fest! With every turn of the page she laughed harder, and by the end we had a real case of the giggles! She loved to pretend she was in the classroom and said “no” when Miss Mouse used her pointer and asked the class about each picture (Dolly: “No that’s a butterfly!”!. Your child will love to show off what animals they recognize, too!

We loved this super cute and really funny story, made even more hilarious by the great, colorful illustrations! We loved yelling “THIS IS A CAT!!!!” along with Miss Mouse and pretending we were running away too! “This is Not a Cat” had us on the edge of our seats – in suspense AND laughter! Definitely add this one to your must-have list!


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Learn more about author David LaRochelle at davidlarochelle.com and illustrator Mike Wohnoutka at mikewohnoutka.com!


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Dolly wanted some of Miss Mouse’s cheese too! 😉

This is Not a Cat
David LaRochelle

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