“Things That Go BURP! in the Night”, by Lynne Moerder. (Book Review) | Diapers and Daydreams

Did you know that after you head up to bed, there are mice in your house that wait until you’re fast asleep…. and then they eat all the food in your kitchen! They’ll pig out on anything they can get their hands on- fruits, veggies, cookies, toast, cupcakes, french fries… If it’s in your pantry or fridge, these mice will finish it up! And once their tummies are big and round, BURP!!! Uh oh, did the family cat hear that burp??! Party’s over! Run mice, run!

The storyline  is simple but heaping spoonfuls of fun! The graphics are colorful and bold and interesting, particularly thanks to the mix of illustrated mice eating the real images of food! (The jelly on that toast looked so delicious I went right in the kitchen and made myself a slice before the mice in our house could eat it all tonight!) The mice have many different personas- There is a Chef Mouse, Beauty Queen Mouse, Cowboy Mouse and many more- all full of spunk – that show us how they work together to get all that yummy food out of the cabinets, off the table and into their bellies! This book also offers a great backwards countdown from 10 lesson, which is refreshing as so many children’s books count up.

If your tummy is rumblin’ for a new book, treat yourself to this crunchy, munchy tale by Lynne Moerder!

Title: Things that Go Burp! in the Night
Author: Lynne Moerder
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: May 12, 2015
Pages: 32