“There’s A Panda in My Picnic”, by Jo Lodge. (Book Review)

Dolly found a spider in her sandwich!

You may not believe this, but there is a cheetah in your cheese! Lots of other interesting animals are hiding in all of the yummy food in your picnic, too! Sweet, little eyes peer out and give you the clue that they’re ready to play peek-a-b00 from behind some tasty treats, waiting for you to find them! This delightful “slide and seek” book is filled with humor, to make reading fun!

Author Jo Lodge is an illustrator and “paper engineer” who has created something truly original with this book. Most pop-up books are dainty, must be handled with care and are generally too difficult for a child to work. “There’s A Panda in My Picnic” is a board book made with little ones in mind; the pages are very thick and easy to manipulate so that children can work it on their own without help! The illustrations are captivating, with bright, bold colors. The text is big and bold, perfect for early readers.  My daughter Dolly loves to practice sliding the pages up or down to reveal a friendly animal smiling back at her from between a familiar piece of food!

Title: There’s A Panda In My Picnic
Author: Jo Lodge
Publisher: Nosy Crow