“There’s a Cow in my Car!” by Jo Lodge. (Book Review)

Get ready for some fun with another amazing board book from author and artist Jo Lodge, featuring super fun and easy-for-little-hands-to-use sliders! Even the first page is a slide and seek! In “There’s a Cow in my Car!” an assortment of animals are hidden around the garden! Can you find the alligator munching apples in the apple tree? How about the walrus in the watering can? What ferocious animal do you think might be hidden in the shed?! With hilarious alliteration and bold, funny artwork and a cast of lovable characters, this silly book is easy for your little one to memorize after just a read or two! (We personally have evidence of this with Dolly’s 2-year-old friend, Emma! Knew every word to read it all by herself, and giggled away madly!)