“The Rise And Fall Of Oscar The Magician” By Matthew Porter. (Book Review) |

Milton the Magnificent is up for the Magician of the Year Award! But he has some stiff competition in Oscar the Magician. So Milton decides to meddle with Oscar’s tricks, only when they are supposed to go wrong, the audience delights in them even more! So Milton resorts to the epitome of trickery and casts a spell on Oscar making him steal a precious blue diamond on exhibit in town. Oscar is arrested and Detective Mayday is on the case to examine this mysterious magician’s crime. The story is full of quick twists and turns (a little too fast-paced for little Dolly to follow; maybe in a few years not so much) and the premise is a bit busy but the illustrations in their worn-out look are interesting and original, as author Matthew Porter uses vibrant colors on distressed pinewood, giving the look a lot of texture and the book a personality all its own.

Title: The Rise and Fall of Oscar the Magician
Author: Matthew Porter
Publisher: Little Bigfoot