Dolly's entering into the longest frog tongue competition!

Dolly’s entering into the longest frog tongue competition!

An amphibious audience is gathering on the side of the hill, waving flags and cheering… But why? For all the frogs competing in the Frog Olympics, of course! Frogs from far and wide, frogs in every shape and size are preparing for some friendly competition and hoping to win a medal in the fly catch competition, the three-legged frog race, pole vaulting, bog hopping and bank-to-bank leap frog, too! This being the Frog Olympics, of course there was a closing ceremony, complete with torch!
Dolly’s favorite was the frog with the very very very long tongue! She tried to compete!

“The Frog Olympics” gets Dolly’s gold medal for originality, as it’s one heck of a great idea for a story! With the summer olympics just around the corner, get your little froggies familiar with the idea of what the olympics is all about! We love the story’s great rhymes – and it was fun to cheer “Frog Olympics!” together every couple pages! This story is made even more fun with such colorful, friendly and hilarious froggie characters!

You better hop to it and pick up a copy!




The Frog Olympics the Frog Olympics
Brian Moses
Hodder Children's Books
April 28, 2016

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