In “the Bot That Scott Built”, Scott built a (ro)Bot that starts a chain of chaos that send his classmates from gawking to fleeing! When one disaster leads to another (from fiery ants to carnivorous plants to freaky frogs to boa constrictors to an exploding volcano) and the situation worsens to the point of seemingly no return, will Scott’s Bot be able to undo the damage?!

Dolly was definitely captivated by all the action and drawn to this book time and again when I asked her what she wanted to read. “Bot by Scott!” she said! She liked the repetitiveness and started saying a few phrases along with me by our second read (“that feasted on flies and fiery ants” and especially “the teacher in polka-dot pants”)!
This is a perfectly, ridiculously fun, read aloud book! The rhymes Kim Norman managed to come up with are so different and tongue-twistery! You’re sure to laugh at what silliness you read! We already are big fans of author Kim Norman from her book “Puddle Pug”, surely one of the cutest dog books around! (You can check out Dolly’s review of “Puddle Pug: here: The illustrations by Agnese Baruzzi really pop off the page. They are busy and bold and so much visual humor comes from how the chaos is captured on each page!
As a scientist myself I love that this book is about one of the STEMs…engineering! We need more engineers! If kids can get interested in building their own bots, this world will be a better place! …Even if there are some mishaps involving carnivorous plants, freaky frogs, boa constrictors, exploding volcanoes….. {And as a side note: This book reminds me (for any of you who may remember) “The Rattlin Bog”…a song I will never forget from my childhood because it was so tongue-twistingly funny!}

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The Bot That Scott Built
Kim Norman
Sterling Publishing

About The Author

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