“The 5 Misfits” By Beatrice Alemagna. (Book Review) |

There are five misfits that live together in a lopsided home that matches their look. They are all unique and oddly-shapen, with one eye bigger than the other, a little holey, crooked smiles, upside-down, stringy fingers, body parts in the wrong places. But in comes the Perfect One to show and tell all the others how worthless they are in all their misfitness. Or are they? It may have a strange delivery, but the message in the book is clear – embrace your inner misfit – your imperfections and what makes you strange also makes you unique and interesting! The illustrations are mixed media, strewn with bits of French newspaper, in different patterns and muted colors. With different textures and patterns, author Beatrice Alemagna has created a completely unique story.

Title: The 5 Misfits
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books / Hachette