“Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth Tradition”, By Ingrid Bencosme. (Book Review) |

There’s teeth under that Dolly smile! And when she loses them, her Tooth Fairy will be ready!

A mythical tale of the Tooth Fairy, brought to reality in a modern world in the perfect book/doll set that both you and your child are going to love making memories with! It’s a fact that you baby will grow up and lost their precious baby teeth one by one. You may have been looking for something to make them feel extra special, something to make a tradition with….Well, you are going to love this! Oh how I wish this great idea existed when I was a kid! Author Ingrid Bencosme, inspired by her eldest child’s first loose tooth, created this book and doll set to help families create traditions during these special moments! When you purchase this book, the Head Tooth Fairy will assign one of the Tooth Fairies from her school to be your child’s personal Tooth Fairy! That Tooth Fairy, now your child’s fairy doll, will always be the ones to appear and collect your children’s teeth at night before they head to bed!

Will you introduce the tale of the Tooth Fairy to your child? There is a better way to tell the tale than how our parents did! This book explains the ins and outs of the mythical story to a tee! I was wondering what to do with my daughter’s first big tooth loss and now I know! This is going to be so much more special, and so much for fun for my husband and I than just sneaking in to leave some money under her pillow! As soon as we have a wiggly tooth, her Tooth Fairy will fly on in! Dolly will leave her tooth in the Tooth Fairy’s crown, give her a kiss and hug – and POOF! – in the morning, in the spot she was last seen, a “pearly prize” will be there instead! No more risk waking your child as you tip toe in and search under their pillow!

There are other times, as told in the story, that the Tooth Fairy may make a visit to your child. If your child is not brushing their teeth properly or long enough and you are having a difficult time establishing good habits, you can call on the Tooth Fairy to come visit and check up on your childs’ progress. She’ll fly back to the head Tooth Fairy to report back…this will determine what type of gift they will get in exchange for their tooth (ooh sneaky!)! Your child should be on their best behavior because the Tooth Fairy may be hiding around your house in any room at any time, keeping tabs, maybe even hiding in that box of sweets, so beware!
Author Ingrid Bencosme has created such a great, interactive story and book/plush collection from this experience! It will be easy to create traditions and make lasting Tooth Fairy visit memories using the set. As a new mom, I can totally relate, as so many big moments for my child are big moments for me too! Your child will get to name their own Tooth Fairy, which is an adorable touch as well! Finally, there is a Teeth Record in the back of the book to record the date and what prize was left for your child. This gives you the open option as parent to keep the prizes basic or creative, rather than having to give a set cash prize.

The illustrations by Laura Watson are so colorful, playful, and cheerful, they are a delight! The color scheme of red/pink, blues and yellows is warm and inviting. The glittery cover art is the magic icing on the cake that draws you in! The diversity of gap-toothed, smiling children is welcomed and refreshing. The magic elements to the book with the fairies flying and Tooth Fairly Land castle make for a mystical backdrop to a real life adventure in growing up and losing baby teeth! One of my personal illustrations is the first and last pages with the wall of jars of teeth, a simple but insanely adorable touch that reminds you that the Tooth Fairy has just as busy a job as Santa Claus, with half the credit! The rhymes are fast and fun, and the message about good oral hygiene and eating habits are trickled throughout, in a fun, non-preachy, good-advice type way. The fairies are drawn absolutely adorable and any child would welcome one into their home with open arms! The accompanying plush doll has quickly become one of Dolly’s favorite dollies! This set is perfection!

As an added do-gooder bonus, because an estimated 18 million children lack access to oral health services, some proceeds from this book will go towards a Communities in School (CIS) Program to keep kids healthy in school! You can visit Teeth Fairyland at teethfairies.com for more information, additional games and activities too!

Dolly has her fairy skirt on and is practicing being a Tooth Fairy as she reads and plays!

Title: Teeth Fairies
Author: Ingrid Bencosme