“Spot the Shark in the Ocean”, by Stella Maidment. (Book Review)

Embark on an ocean adventure with “Spot the Shark in the Ocean”. There are hidden pictures on each page, and every turn leads you to a different underwater scene. There are a variety of aquatic creatures to spot, from strange, weird creatures found deep in the sea to familiar sea animals like dolphins, whales and turtles.  We also get familiar with the different  habitats, from the beach to the coral reef.  Your child can have counting  fun as we look for divers amidst an ocean full of fish. Author Stella Maidment shares her favorite ocean facts and trivia and offers some questions for your little one to this about (i.e. Would you like to swim with a dolphin?”). Your child will have fun finding a shark in every scene,  learning new facts, exploring hidden treasures, and practicing color and animal identification. There are suggestions for games and fun crafts on last page as well!

Move over “Where’s Waldo?” – this hidden picture book is a smarter version perfect for little eyes and big minds. The illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy are made of bright, vivid colors, they are very busy but not overwhelmingly. The sea animals are drawn in a friendly and silly manner kids will love.

Title: “Spot the Shark in the Ocean”
Author: Stella Maidment
Publisher: QED Publishing UK