“Socks for Santa” by Charlotte Guillain. (Book Review) |

This book arrived to us after Christmas, and we’ve been waiting for the perfect snow day to read it! It’s a great idea to pick this one up and save it for next year – it’s a great read! In “Socks for Santa”, George decides to flip the switch on Santa – this year he is going to be the one delivering gifts to Santa instead of the other way around! So off he goes with his gifts (and an extra pair of socks, just in case!). But when Santa and the elves and Rudolph all need help, can George come to the rescue and think of a way to save Christmas?

Hubby/wife author team have created a really charming and heart warming story that is warming up our home and spicing up storytime, long after the holidays are over. We’re keeping this one on Dolly’s Bookshelf all year round! Dolly loves the sparkly cover and the colorful and humorous illustrations! The pictures by Lee Wildish are so intricate – every wisp of hair pops off the page!

This trio has so many other cute books available starring George, including “Spaghetti with the Yeti”, “Marshmallows for Martians”, “Doughnuts for a Dragon” and “Pizza for Pirates”. Their newest is “Treats for a T.Rex” is due this Summer 2016! And you can visit www.georgesamazingadventures.co.uk to hear some of George’s amazing songs!

And finally, a little something special about the publisher, Egmont Publishing, worth noting: the paper they use in their books comes from sustainable forest. You can find out more about this at forestfriendly.egmont.co.uk

Title: Socks for Santa
Author: Adam Guillain, Charlotte Guillain,
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd (August 27, 2015)
Release Date: 2015-08
Pages: 32