A splash of fantasy with a dash of fact, this bedtime book about the solar system will have your little one blasting off into outer space from the comforts of your cozy bed! “It’s been a long, busy day in the starry Milky Way. Sleepy, setting Sun calls out, ‘Bedtime, everyone…’” Your baby is sure to follow suit. After they learn about the wonders of our galaxy of course!

This is a great bedtime book to add to your shelf! The words by John Hutton will introduce your little one to our planet and our solar system. The text goes so perfectly with the beautiful, whimsical illustrations from Doug Cenko. This book is sure to send Dolly dreaming about outer space! It’s fun, the rhymes are catchy, it’s packed with visual humor, and it’s perfect for little hands to hold. But my favorite part is that your little reader will learn actual facts about our solar system, from Mother Earth to the planets and stars that make up our amazing, albeit sleepy (hehe!) solar system! Dolly really enjoyed the maps and facts at the end, and this was one of her first experiences with seeing the planets this way! “Sleepy Solar System” is the perfect nap or bedtime story!

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