“Seaver the Weaver” by Paul Czajak. (Book Review)

Seaver is a spider with lots of brothers and sisters who like to spin their webs the same way. Every night hundreds of them spin webs shaped as orbs. But not Seaver. He spins triangles, squares, rhumbas, and other interesting shapes. His siblings scold him every morning when they see these strange webs and say “If you want to be an orb spinner, your web needs to look like ours”. But Seaver is too creative and full of inspiration to be just like everybody else. Will Seaver’s siblings change their tune when they realize his  different shaped webs are catching all the nighttime flies?

The Brothers Hilts’ palette of black, white and yellows is refreshing and calming. The illustrations are big and bold and simple, but strong. This book touches on themes of embracing all your differences, being unique and celebrating your individuality, following your dreams.  Maybe your own child will look up into the night sky and weave themselves a unique dream of greatness just like Seaver!

Title: Seaver the Weaver
Author: Paul Czajak
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Mighty Media Kids
Release Date: March 17, 2015
Pages: 32