“Puddle Pug”, by Kim Norman. (Book Review)

Dolly couldn’t find a pug… but she did find Duke, and he likes puddles too!

Percy the pug love all puddles. Big or small, muddy or soggy, deep or shallow. But Percy is both indiscriminate and a tough customer when it comes to the perfect puddles of the day. So, we join him on his search for the perfect puddle! He searches far and wide for the perfect puddle but when he finds it, it’s already being occupied by a family of pigs! Percy sets out to prove to the pigs that he is a worthy companion … He will make their puddle perfect! Mama pig is doesn’t want an uninvited guest so she sends Percy packing. But now Percy is under the spell of that perfect puddle and is determined to win his way back in! With the help of his trusty Puddle Map and a missing piglet, Percy has the perfect chance to do just that!

Percy is curious and a charming free spirited hero of this book! His big, warm, eyes make it easy for us to see his glee for puddles and sadness when he can’t squeeze himself into the pig’s puddle. In his muddy endeavors he explores messages of courage, perseverance, making friends and helping others when in need (even if it’s not for the most selfless reasons, it still counts!). The illustrations by Keika Yamaguchi are filled with warmth and  a squishy coolness about them… or maybe that was the puddle we’re writing this review from! The greens, blues and browns are a great palette for this pristine, muddy tale!

I really enjoyed the illustrations so I looked more into Keika and learned that she studied at Art Center College of Design and interning at Walt Disney Imagineering, which made perfect sense to me as this Percy lovingly reminded me of Percy the Pug from Disney’s “Pocahontas”!

If this book was a puddle it would be the PERFECT puddle. Pick this book up for your “pup” now!

Duke will be on the hunt for the perfect puddle… right after he finishes reading this book one more time

Title: Puddle Pug
Author: Kim Norman
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
Release Date: 2014
Pages: 32