“Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers” by Alex English. (Book Review)

YO HO…..NO! A pirate’s life is not the life for Young Brad. In fact, he would rather walk the plank than live life as a pirate! Digger-mad Brad would much rather work on a construction site but his Dad is a Pirate and pirate-life is seemingly his destiny. Hearing about his love for construction was making Captain Blood and mates of The Salty Dog mad. “Pirates don’t drive diggers, lad!” they tell Brad. Can Brad strike gold and find some long lost pirate treasure with his affinity for use of construction equipment?!

What a perfect way to mix two of little boys’ favorite things: pirates and construction trucks! This clever book was fun to read out loud. Dolly definitely loved the bouncing, jolly rhyme as she was whisked away to sea to join in this pirate adventure! I appreciate all the visual humor…the maid hanging out of the window on bottom deck, the funny faces from the pirates, and the 5 o’clock shadow on the construction workers. This is a well done story your children will get a kick out of, perfect for a birthday gift for the little lad in your life (although Dolly loved it just as much!)

Title: Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers
Author: Alex English
Release Date: May 28, 2015
Pages: 32