“Pinny the Bowling Pin” by Leah Ward. (Book Review)

Dolly hasfun coloring her Pinny activity sheet

Pinny is a little bowling pin who just needs a little push in order to pursue his dreams. Don’t we all? This is a clever tale from the perspective of that one bowling pin who downgrades every would-be strike to a spare. It’s as frustrating for him to be in the position he is and never fall down, as it is for the bowler! He wants to fall, and be a “frontliner pin” who see the action and begins to daydream about being in a more useful position, like becoming President, or a doctor. Some of the other pins start to bully Pinny to give up on his dreams. Will Pinny finally fall down in order to build his confidence up?

Author Leah Ward brings new life to the ol’ bowling alley with “Pinny the Bowling Pin”. The book is filled with lots of bowling humor and great messages about never giving up on your dreams. The graphic designs are interesting and it’s fun to see faces on typically boring bowling pins.

Title: Pinny the Bowling Pin
Author: Leah Ward
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 21, 2014)