Queen Fluff is a quirky queen with a terrible grip on reality! Queen Fluff has everything a royal bunny could want: a large, lavish burrow full of comforts, a wait staff, a stagecoach and more. But heavy is the head that wears the crown…

“Queen Fluff was the fanciest bunny in town.
She had servants, a stagecoach and quite a big crown…
She had all the comforts a Queen could afford,
But this Queen was lonely and this Queen was bored.”

Money just cannot buy Queen Fluff love and friendship, and so she sits in her big castle burrow, bored to tears. So she decides she will pay a visit to her people, and sends a royal letter to let them know she is on her way! She makes her demands, requesting a comfy bed, 10-course meal served three times daily, and of course plenty of room for the bags she has packed with all her lavish essentials! Meanwhile, the rabbits of Bunnyshire are busy coming up with ways to send Queen Fluff up and out to the next burrow! They have no interest in housing the Queen of the Royal Burrow, especially if she’s this uptight and demanding! They begin filling their burrows with nasty nettles, prickly thistles, stinging bees and wriggly worms and more! Of course, we as readers know that demanding the same service from the poverty-stricken bunnies of her kingdom is hardly the way Queen Fluff is going to make new friends! Will she change her behavior and make amends?


3 cheers for the bunnies of Bunnyshire!

The rhyming text from Rachel Lyon rolls off the tongue, and is filled with so many funnies there will be sure to be plenty of giggles! (“There were toads on the table and fleas at my feet and for dinner they offered me bug broth to eat!”) The rhyme is mixed with incredibly hilarious illustrations from Catalina Echeverri, One of Dolly’s favorite parts, both read and drawn is, of course, the rat wearing only his underpants (so, for the record, pandering to the audience really worked! haha!) This book is sure to be a real crowd pleaser in your burrow too!






Not Enough for Queen Fluff!
Rachel Lyon
Maverick Publishing
May 1, 2016

About The Author

Regina is a Scientist with her feet on the ground and a Mom with her head in the clouds. You can find her snuggled up with a pile of books and her real-life babydoll, "Dolly", the sugar to her spice! When she has free time, Regina can be found planning in great detail the agenda of her next spontaneous adventure with Dolly, or penning a sharp tongued letter to anyone that messes with her innermost circle. Bringing you practical advice received from other great moms regarding modern-day pregnancy and motherhood, dispensing words of encouragement, and most importantly, delivering honest reviews of all the children's stories in Dolly's Bookshelf!

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