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A studious young scientist is on her first assignment – to prove what is normal – using the behavior of a subject that’s been studied many times before, an orangutan. She knows what her data should show. Only Normal Norman is not exactly what you’d expect! Unless of course you were expecting a big purple orangutan with nerdy glasses and a penchant for scuba diving!  Norman quickly teaches our narrator to expect the unexpected! When she should be recording him eating bananas, Norman scarfs a pizza. When he should answer her with ooh-ooh-ahh-ahhs, Norman responds like a proper British gentleman. Naptime in a cave? What, do you think Norman is some kind of prehistoric ape?! Norman requires a cozy bed with pillows and his teddy of course! Norman’s absurd behavior causes a ruckus, and our scientist has decided her assignment has ended in disaster… Or has it?!

Author Tara Lazar challenges us a reader to consider the “new normal” and embrace our fellow man and animals – especially those not afraid to show their quirky and unusual, big-hearted, polite, tutu-wearing, hula-hooping side! This book is a great reminder to not be afraid to show the true you – no matter who’s microscope you are under! Embrace your inner weird and break out of the pack – be normal ol’ YOU!

Dolly and I really loved this story! Dolly loved all the visual humor, Norman’s silly antics (especially the tutu!), the scientist’s frustrated face, but she especially loved when they hugged. Major “awww”!” moment in our reading! Stephan Britt has created a memorable monkey, thanks to vivid color choices and a unique style all his own. As a scientist myself, it’s refreshing to see a female lead in this role, and I hope it encourage more girls to give STEM studies a try! This is a well-done book: a fun and lively story with a deep and meaningful message. Pick this one ape – I mean up! 😉

Also of note, Tara founded Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo), a popular annual writing event held on her award-winning blog at taralazar.com. Check it out!


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Title: Normal Norman
Author: Tara Lazar
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Pages: 38