“Monster Trouble” by Lane Fredrickson. (Book Review)

Winifred Schnitzel has more than a cute name, she’s got guts, and a zero tolerance policy on annoying monsters. Every night they come in her room, interrupt her bedtime story, wake her up with burps and growls, and the lack of sleep from this night after night is starting to drive her batty. Winifred realizes ignoring the problem isn’t working … she has to send these monsters packing! Winifred devises a few crafty plans, but when all else fails, she finds she’s always had the perfect secret weapon….a smooch from her sweet little lips will gross out those scary monsters enough to never see them again! The rollicking rhyme rolls off the tongue quickly, which is good considering we were in a hurry to flip the page and see what Winifred was up to! We were laughing out loud on some of the great text! And the illustrations are totally adorable, the monsters more goofy and less scary made Dolly smile, and the colors were bold and bright and fun! Dolly and I think Winifred just might be our favorite Monster Heroine thus far! She is cute and smart as a whip… and totally smoochable just like Dolly! We appreciate the diversity illustrated in this book, but more than that, we just appreciate a terrific little girl character like Winifred! This is the perfect Halloween book to buy for your favorite little ones!

Title: Monster Trouble
Author: Lane Fredrickson
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Pages: 26