“Mind Your Monsters” by Catherine Bailey. (Book Review)

Monsters, werewolves and zombies have invaded Wally’s peaceful town, and they are causing a lot of havoc! Knocking over lampposts, sliming people’s cars, doing lots of tricks with no treats! After a few days, Wally is fed up and attempts to reason with them. He asks one monsters to “Please stop” and low and behold, the monster stops! Wally realizes it is the magic word “please” that does the trick! This book is great for your little ones aged 2-8. Dolly enjoyed the comic book-esque illustrations by Oriol Vidal and finding things in the picture on second reading that we didn’t notice the first time around! The monsters really tore up the town, which makes for a giant mess of fun! Learning how to ask nicely and have good manners – no matter to monsters or friends – has never been so easy to teach!