Make your Valentine’s Day Dolly Heads!

Make your Valentine’s Day Dolly Heads! (but obviously use your own child’s head!)

There is still time to make some adorable Valentine’s featuring your beloved child or puppy or rabbit or whomever or whatever it is you love! (I would not judge you if you framed a delicious looking cupcake.) Last minute doesn’t have to mean you are handing out some crumby boxed cards. I picked up these make-your-own Valentines from Target. The foam hearts came with all the foam sticker accoutrements, 2 for $1. Pretty darn good deal. I was going to hand them out to Dolly’s loved ones until I realized they are WAY TOO CUTE for a mother to give up, so I strung them up on a line and hung them up in the kitchen so we can all stare at her delicious, perfect, round, Dolly Head!! 

These Dolly Heads in hearts make for great Valentines and can be hung up anywhere in your home or at work!