Make Motherhood Your Own Personal Journey

We live in a culture of competitive mommyhood and women are held up to certain standards from the moment they are attempting to conceive. Whether you have difficulty conceiving, or it happens first try, whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, make your babies food or feed them gerber, spend 168 hours at home or 40+ hours at work, these lifestyle and parenting decisions and the advice and how-to’s you are bombarded with every day from every angle is all just a bunch of noise … not to mention mommy guilt waiting to happen. Added pressure put on you from talking with other moms may make you second guess your parenting style. So just stop. I’m here to tell you this –  Your motherhood is your own journey. Do what feels right for you and your baby and to hell with those who don’t agree. Stop worrying about what others are doing, ignore unwarranted advice, stop reading mommy blogs that stress you out because they tell you you’re doing it all wrong (this one won’t.). Don’t worry that you don’t have the latest and greatest of all the baby gadgets or that you arrive an hour late to literally everything! Don’t compare how your baby eats or sleeps or when they walk or talk with other babies. All babies are different. You’ll get so much advice – you can’t possibly follow it all- so follow your heart instead.  So just trust yourself.  You know your baby best. You do things the way you are comfortable doing them and the baby will be happy because you are. Blaze the trail of your own mommyhood and lose the guilt. Give your baby entirely too many kisses and cuddles, food when they are hungry and a safe and cozy place to sleep at night. That’s all babies need and all they want and everything else is a waste of your worry.