“Little Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl” by Sanae Ishida. (Book Review)

A strong and lovable heroine will win you over with her warmth, perserverance and ninja skills! “Kunoichi” means “female ninja” in Japanese. Our heroine is upset, the school she attends is difficult and she is becoming frustrated. She hasn’t perfected skills like using nunchucks, staying in disguise or throwing stars. One day she meets a little boy Samurai named Chibi who is also struggling with his samurai skills but is staying positive by working out, exercing, practicing strategy, and in turn he inspures Kunoichi to practice, practice practice! Beautiful artwork, is inspired by origami paper. The text full of humor (hilarious call-out boxes like “Mindfullness”/”Snore!”) and positivity, encouragement and great suggestions to focus on physical fitness and have confidence in yourself. You can always aspire to be better and with a little hard work (shugyo! “train like crazy!”) you can succeed! It is refreshing to see a female protagonist who works hard while working on forging friendships.

Title: Little Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl
Publisher: Little Bigfoot