“Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast” by Josh Funk. (Book Review)

Can you imagine opening up your refrigerator and having every olive, pea, tomato and slice of cheese smiling back at you? Even the cow on the milk carton? Well, get ready, your veggies, fruits and leftovers are about to come to life!

While you’re still sleeping, Lady Pancake and Sir French toast are busy getting themselves into a royal mess! There is only one drop of syrup left and they will do whatever they can to be the first breakfast food to the last drop! But racing up mashed potato mountain and sliding down linguini and sailing through soup is no easy feat….Who will win the battle for breakfast?! “Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast” is scrumptiously fun! The fast paced rhymes are so perfect and hilarious they would roll right off your tongue… if you didn’t have to stop to giggle! The illustrations by Brendan Kearney are vibrantly colored, the characters are silly and the situations are chaotic! Dolly loves the expressive veggies and wonders (below) where the silly face is on her pancake?!! So pull up a short stack (make sure you have enough syrup!) and gobble up this delicious book over breakfast with someone you love!

Title: Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast
Author: Josh Funk
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Pages: 32