IMG_8509If your birthday is coming up, and you were thinking of inviting a T.Rex, you might want to change your mind! This story is one boy’s warning that a T.Rex does NOT make the best party guest!


Dolly is loving “If a T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party” by Jill Esbaum! It’s a roaring and stomping good time! It all begins when a little boy invites a T.Rex to join in his party fun with his friends (and one turtle!). The T. Rex might fit though the front door, but he isn’t much suited for anything else. The T.Rex isn’t good at helping to open presents, is too big to play hide-and-seek, too big for the party hats!  You think you’re about to hear about how much fun the partygoers had with the pinata…alas, when the T. Rex comes up to bat, he and his short arms come up…well, short! And the ROAR-ing ensues!  The story is exciting and full of twists and turns as all the birthday fun goes not as planned! The T.Rex might have had a swing-and-a-miss on the pinata, but “If a T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party” is a HIT!!

The illustrations by Dasha Tolstikova are created with pencils and watercolors are are perfectly whimsical and fun! They portray all the party surprises – and chaos – in a palette of red, blue and yellows on a white backdrop that really pops like a bunch of party balloons on every page! The pictures immediately had Dolly’s attention and the silly story had her in giggles! Dinosaurs are a hit with almost every kid and this wacky adventure is sure to be a welcome addition to your bookshelf! You can download the Official “If a T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party” Party Kit here!>

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Dolly is a huge Jill Esbaum fan! We are obsessed with her books “Teeny Tiny Toady” and “Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted, Birdie Friends”. (You can check out Dolly’s reviews of those great books here: AND As always, author Jill Esbaum teaches us a good lesson – this time of the power of patience with an unruly friend.




If a T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party
Jill Esbaum
Sterling Children's Books
August 2, 2016

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