“I Wish I Had a Pet” by Maggie Rudy. (Book Review) |

A bunch of delightfully enchanting, fancily-dressed mice are here to assist you as you navigate the rocky waters of choosing and caring for your very first pet! These mice are very smart and dispense great advice about a pet owner’s duties – making sure the pet is clean and fed, exercised, and of course, that you are enjoying eachother’s company! They learned this great advice through caring for their own bumblebees, ladybugs, birds, butterflies, beetles and more!

“I Wish I Had a Pet”  is filled with some truly hilarious passages, mostly because they are truths! For instance, the mice show us the importance of making sure our pet is not too big (or ferocious!) to manage, and making sure we don’t have allergies to our new friend! Oh and get ready to clean up after your messy  – and stinky – pet!

This book is designed by author Maggie Rudy. It is such an interesting medium to look at. The images of the mice are hand-sewn and set in a diorama scene. There’s so much detail within each setting to discover, each turn shows a truly remarkable piece of art! The charming “sets” use dollhouse sized pieces of furniture and clothing, old crates and cigar boxes for walls, stamps for home artwork and buttons for frisbees. The faces of these little mice are so expressive, so sweet with their little pink noses, and funny as they hold their nose in a “P U!” as they clean up after their poopy pet! I adore this incredibly creative and heartwarming book and I can promise you will too! Not to mention you may learn a thing or two about proper pet care!

Title: I Wish I Had a Pet
Author: Maggie Rudy
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Pages: 40