The joy of music can be found anywhere! A little boy gets creative when he gets tired of wishing for a drumset – instead, he creates one! For every little one who has made a pot into a drum and a couple spoons into drumsticks, here is a book they’ll love and can relate to! With every turn of the page, the boy adds a piece to his drumset; a suitcase for a bass drum, a box for a snare, pie tins for cymbals. Sure he is tearing the house apart (LOL!) but he is also being resourceful, which should be the takeaway here! Not to mention, being musical, no matter the instrument, is such a great passion to have! Throughout we’re given cues of sounds of each instrument; your little one will love saying the “booms” and”ding-a-dings”. The final page leaves us with “How will YOU create your drum set?”. Dolly immediately asked for spoons and tried to open the kitchen cabinet with the pots and bowls! We had a little fun of our own with her homemade drumset, a great reminder that you can find music in everyday objects around your house!


rock on!

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  • Thanks so much to both of you for the kind review of my “I Want To Be A Drummer” book! Really glad Dolly likes it 🙂 Super cool photos of her rockin’ out on her own little drumset!