“How to Hide a Lion from Grandma” by Helen Stephens. (Book Review)

Iris’s Grandma is coming to visit so Iris will have to hide Lion from her! Fortunately Grandma’s vision isn’t great and in her far-sightedness she misses the lion hiding in plain sight, whether he is sticking out from behind the curtain, hiding behind newspapers, under lampshades, or posing as a coat rack. Then Grandma begins to act strange herself. The great big dress up box she traveled with starts to growl, and Grandma begins dumping food into it! What growling creature could Grandma be keeping in her box when grandmas were supposed to scare easily? Will Iris discover another furry friend of Grandma’s?! What will Iris’ Mom and Dad think?!

This book is hilarious, with Grandma mistaking Lion’s tail for a fluffy towel and his squishy body as a comfy couch. Laugh out loud funny thanks to the fun and warm hearted illustratins drawn with watercolor and ink by author Helen Stephens. I love the relationship between iris and grandma and all their similarities. I laughed out loud at “mom and dad are back, let’s surprise them!”

Title: How to Hide a Lion from Grandma
Author: Helen Stephens
Genre: Bears
Publisher: Alison Green Books /Scholastic
Release Date: 2014-07
Pages: 32