“How to Hide a Lion” by Helen Stephens. (Book Review)

If you have ever wondered how exactly you could hide a lion from your mom & dad, this is the book for you! Sweet little Iris has adopted a furry new friend – no, not a cat or dog – but a LION that’s been on the loose in her town! This particular lion is not ferocious but surprisingly rather kind and concerned with fashion too – as he left the zoo looking for the perfect hat! No matter, his appearance is still frightening the townspeople. But not Iris. She decides to hide the Lion in her house and manages for just a little while to avoid her mom and dad from noticing him. This unlikely pair quickly grew to become the best of friends, coloring, cuddling, and having lots of fun in the process! Iris and the Lion are eventually caught by Mom and Dad who say he must leave, so he goes to town and hides with the lion statues to keep a watch on Iris. When Lion is witness to a robbery in town, will he reveal himself in order to save the day, and will this prove he is tame enough to not be a hazard to the townspeople?

“How to Hide a Lion” is a smart, funny and sweet book. My daughter and I chuckled at the visual humor like the scene where Iris and the Lion are just 2 normal friends jumping on bed together! This book is charmingly illustrated with watercolor and ink by author Helen Stephens. Her lion is friendly and drawn with a warm-heartedness so strong that you will wish you could hide him in your house too! Purchase this book and I promise you will have a ferociously fun time reading!

Title: How to Hide a Lion
Author: Helen Stephens
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Alison Green Books, Scholastic
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Pages: 32