“How to Be a Dog” by Jo Williamson. (Book Review) |

Have you ever wanted a dog’s perspective on how to have fun and enjoy life, and be the best dog you can be? Well today is your lucky day! One dog is here to tell us what to do and what to expect, perfectly portraying the special relationship between man and man’s best friend!

The illustrations are drawn sketch-like in black, gray and red – and filled with so much visual humor, you will surely crack up! I “howled” when we got the page where the dog gives advice on how to welcome visitors – how funny and gross and true! Advice on toilet training – hilarious. Advice on how to clean the floor – hilarious. Playing fetch – extra hilarious. Dolly absolutely loved the pictures, especially those on the inside cover pages!

This is a heartwarming tale that every dog lover – or non-dog-lover- will love!!