IMG_8536Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!!! In “Hey, Coach!” by Linda Ashman, we follow a soccer team full of first-timers as they embark on their athletic adventure! Before they can win, they have to learn all the techniques and rules of the game! Thankfully, Coach is there to guide them…if they don’t drive him crazy first! We love the very real voices of the children on the soccer field – whether it’s telling the Coach they have never played before, got a booboo, or have to go to the bathroom! This book is told with really fun, rollicking rhyme. This is a great read-aloud book!
The illustrations by Kim Smith are absolute perfection! Dolly loved each and every kids’ face, each silly and crazy expression! Each little boy and girl was drawn so perfectly, and very relatable. They are a great, diverse crowd and all of their shenanigans looked so fun, Dolly and I went out back to kick the ball around as soon as we were done reading! We like that Coach teaches everyone to just have fun, no matter what – in rain or shine, whether they score a goal or miss, and whether they win or lose! The book has a great message and will ease any anxiety a child who is about to join a team for the first time may have! But this book would really make a great gift for…. that beloved Coach in your life! The one who is rushing out of work to teach and motivate 30 kids on his/her own time, organizing them, being their leader and mentor… and giving you that hour break to just sit back and watch! LOL! And maybe Coach can read it to his Team on the next rainy day when the game gets cancelled!

We are already huge fans of Linda Ashman (! We love her “Over the River and Through the Woods”. You can check out Dolly’s review of that book here!>

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Hey, Coach!
Linda Ashman
Sterling Children's Books
August 2, 2016

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