“Henry Finds His Word”, by Lindsay Ward. (Book Review)

Mommy would very much like Dolly to find this word!! (!!!!!)

Henry is a cute little baby boy, happy and playful, having fun at home with his dog, mom and dad. He is full of “bbbghs” and “oohs” and “boops” and thinks he is communicating his needs and wants clearly to his parents until…they start to have trouble understanding what he means. Henry decides he better start searching for that first word to clear the air. He looks in his toybox, under his blanket, and even checks in with the neighborhood animals to get some tips, but he cannot find his first word any. And then he realizes his is sitting out in the yard all alone. His mama is nowhere to be seen. This makes Henry nervous and scared! He needs her, bad! Maybe this baby crisis will lure that first word to his sweet, quivering little lips…!

The first time I read this book cover to cover I exclaimed out loud to my husband, “I love this book! You have to read it NOW!”. I was serious. He sat down and we read it together. “I love this book, too” he said. This may be because we are two parents playing the waiting game for all the first words to start making an appearance. But it is also the lovableness of this sweet story, the little boy is just a ray of the everyday sunshine, and watching him try to communicate in his limited but expressive way is real and endearing. The illustrations by author Lindsay Ward are absolutely perfect – from Henry’s rosy cheeks to his chubby belly to his footie pajamas. The pencil outlining the muted colors bring a magic touch to this book, which is full of color and emotion and life-with-a-baby realness. The text is short, sweet and clever and I guarantee Moms and Dads everywhere will find reading baby Henry’s thoughts to be as humorous as I did! Finally, the book has a brilliant and hilarious ending that will strike a cord and make you laugh out loud!

My first reaction of this book was so strong, I wish I could give it a 6th Dolly Head!! Don’t wait any longer. Click the link below and buy this book now! You will be so glad you did, I promise you!

You can also visit the author’s website here for some coloring sheets and a fun word search! http://www.lindsaymward.com/books/henry.html

Title: Henry Finds His Word
Author: Lindsay Ward
Publisher: Dial Books
Release Date: February 24, 2015