“Hedgehugs” by Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson. (Book Review) |

Dolly and her best friend Emma decide which book to read!

Horace and Hattie are a couple of best friend hedgehogs. They love spending time together having tea parties, swinging, and splashing in puddles, but when the fun day is through, there is one thing they can’t do, and want to very badly…. Horace and Hattie can’t hug! Their spikes are too prickly! They’ve tried every way imaginable to hug – rolled up in snow (hug was too cold!), covered in strawberries (hug was too sticky!) and many other ideas, to no avail. Can a basket full of laundry plus two curious hedgehogs solve this hug dilemma and give these loving hedgehogs the hedgehug they’ve been waiting for?! Dolly and I immediately fell in love with these two sweet friends and their simple, colorful life. The illustrations are charmingly created with an array of colors and different patterns for each object on the page, which is incredibly creative and thoughtful. The concept of the story is so gosh darn cute, I want to give the author a hedgehug myself! The next time socks go missing in this house, I am just going to smile! If you liked this book, you will love “Hedgehugs: Horace and Hattiepillar”!

Dolly recommends BOTH Hedgehug books!

Dolly loves that the hedgehogs finally get to HUG!

But Dolly feels strongly that SMOOCHES are better than hugs! hehe! One big KISS for this great book!

Title: Hedgehugs
Author: Steve Wilson, Lucy Tapper,
Genre: Friendship
Release Date: September 25, 2014
Pages: 32