“Hector’s Shell” By Thomas Radcliffe. (Book Review) |

After a busy day of looking for treasure under the sea, Hector the turtle has realized he has misplaced his shell! Fear of returning home without it and having to face the wrath of his parents reprimanding him sends him out to retrace his steps and locate his missing shell! He has no luck on the beach, in the lost and found, and his great idea to make himself a new shell with beach buckets and newspaper, seashells and tubas is not turning out well. The illustrations by author Thomas Radcliffe are filled with lots of visual humor: the pig in the 20s style bathing suit made me giggle especially, and the call-out boxes offer extra fun pictures to boot, as we follow all the mini-adventures, twists and turns this search takes Hector on. Will Hector find his shell right where he left it after all? This story is fun from beginning to end, and Hector is sublimely adorable, such great expressions hidden behind his spectacle’d face. Dolly enjoyed joining Hector’s search team!

Title: Hector’s Shell
Author: Thomas Radcliffe
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: little bee books
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Pages: 40