“Happy Spring, Chirp!”, by Satoshi Iriyama. (Book Review)

Chirp the Chick has a big job to do in “Happy Spring, Chirp!”. She has volunteered to deliver Mama Hen’s  flowers to Auntie Duck for her birthday. But Chirp is in for some twists and turns and this will be a big job for a little chick! Little Chirp is brave, but the flowers are scared right out of her basket when Bear pops out to play peekaboo. Bear makes his wrong a right when he takes Chirp over the river and through the woods to the most beautiful and delicious looking strawberry patch you’ve ever seen! Will Chirp make it to Auntie Duck with a basket full of birthday treats or will her good deed go downhill?

“Happy Spring, Chirp!” would make a great addition to any Easter basket, for any child age 6 months and up! The pages are thick cardstock and full of pop-ups and interesting pages to turn and explore. The illustrations by author Satoshi Iriyama are sweet and simple, full of nice bright colors, pretty grass and flowers, and darling animals and bugs. My daughter loved picking out the ladybug and bumblebee who were hiding here and there on each page. This book will have you longing for springtime and an end to this relentless winter!

Title: Happy Spring, Chirp!
Author: Satoshi Iriyama
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers
Release Date: February 17, 2015
Pages: 32