“Goodnight Selfie” by Scott Menchin. (Book Review) |

Click! Click! Click! Crazy kids these days and their technology! Author Scott Menchin capitalizes on the selfie craze with this cute book about a selfie-obsessed tween! This one is so close to real life, you can’t help but relate!

Our selfie heroine puts her brother’s hand-me-down camera-phone to good use – a selfie for everything! Crazy hair selfie, kissy selfie, swinging selfie, and even a couple “elsies” – selfies with other people. Photographing herself doing everyday things, all day long, becomes a part of her normal, and she finds it hard to put the phone down, unwind and charge her batteries as well.

Where a page of the girl hugging her own photo could possibly have driven us crazy with her narcissism, Pierre Collet-Derby’s illustrations are charming and funny and he’s made the obsessive young girl really very charismatic and likable! Dolly’s chosen this book many times based on how silly and sweet she thinks the “princess” (well, she did take a princess selfie!) is. This story can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike – the latter of which may see the story as very relatable, finding it hard to function without their phone in hand themselves!

Title: Goodnight Selfie
Author: Scott Menchin
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
Release Date: October 1, 2015
Pages: 32