If you were ever wondering what your favorite zoo animals do when the zoo closes, and all the visitors go home to play with Animal Flashcards, well, here’s your answer… Giraffes, monkeys, elephants, snakes, lemurs are sitting around all playing People Cards! Our good pal George the bowtie-wearing giraffe is back and he has moved his attention from winning gold stars for being stylish to the new craze sweeping the Heavenly Hippo Wildlife Park – People Cards! George and all his animal friends are trying to collect all 99. George himself has 3 and would like a whole set — but so would everybody else! George quickly realizes there’s not many things to do with three of them, so he and his friends begin to combine them and in that sharing is where the fun really begins! They can build them up in a tower, play a game of snap, and then decide to store the collection in an album. But oh no! There is a spot left for one special card…Which of George’s animal friends might have it?!

Dolly really loves George. I mean REALLY. We read “A Gold Star for George” at least once a week, for over a year now. (You can check out that review, here: She had a good laugh at the animals looking for cards in the garbage! “Yucky” she said 🙂 We love this creative story of friendship and teamwork, and a main character who knows what it means to problem solve. If everyone wants a complete set of cards, but they don’t have enough to go around, George shows them what they can do with ninety-nine shared cards! The illustrations are truly so bright and fun and the characters are lively and memorable (Dolly recognized George’s friend Seymour!). This story is quite relevant, as here in the US, the Pokemon craze is upon us once again (ugh!), and I am sure when that ends, another craze will begin! At the end of the story, true to life with how easy it is for kids to get hooked on the next big thing, we see marbles in the grass, replacing the People Card craze (too funny!)! The Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park is always full of hyjinks and we are both happy to see those familiar faces back in action!





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George and the New Craze
Alice Hemming
Maverick Books
May 1, 2016

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