“Frozen Wild” by Jim Arnosky. (Book Review)

“Frozen Wild: How Animals Survive in the Coldest Places on Earth” is definitely one of the coolest, no, coldest, books around! Author and illustrator Jim Arnosky is a master of both pen and brush and has created a beautifully illustrated educational children’s book that is definitely written for the kids (and kids at heart) that are always hungry for more knowledge about what some of their favorite animals do when the winter comes to survive! The story stretched from the great northern plains to the icy poles, and describes how animals survive the frigid day and night. Your young explorers and naturalists will love hunkering down and following the snowy tracks to learn more about the wild lives of land mammals like moose, polar bears, beaver, and water mammals like whales, penguins and seals, and maybe even some animals they’ll find in their own backyard! Dolly is always curious about the animals we see in person and read about in books, and I know she will grow to love this book! For now, Mommy and Daddy are gobbling up the great facts from this really beautiful and well-done book, and Dolly is enjoying the gorgeous illustrations on the double-page foldouts, and learning the names of all the animals she sees! As a scientist by trade myself, as well as a “bugs & bunnies” loving naturalist, I truly, truly love this book; I love the fact that it is written for children as children’s literature, rather than what kids would typically read in a boring old science textbook. Kids can read this book at just the right time to get them to fall in love with science and the fascinating creatures of our diverse world, enough to appreciate what they need to do to take care of our Earth and ensure these animals’ survival!

Title: The Frozen Wild
Author: Jim Arnosky
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Pages: 40