First Look and Find “Sesame Street – I Can Do It!” (Book Review)

Brynlee loves to read her First Look and Find “Sesame Street – I Can Do It!” book! When we first started reading it, I would read the little poem at the top of the page explaining where the characters were and then point in the box to tell her what the item was called and she would find it in the picture. After a few readings, Brynlee could successfully find the items in the picture (as well as others that we discussed) and name them. We also extended the discussion with other questions (ex: How many teddy bears are in the classroom? What is Elmo doing?). Being an elementary school teacher, I am very used to initiating these kinds of discussions, however, there are extension activities at the end of the book to help get parents started!
Brynlee loves the Sesame Street characters in the book as well as the familiar places (her favorite is the park) and everyday items shown in the book. There is a lot going on on each page, but it seemed just right for a 2 year old. This book totally keeps her interest and she is so proud of herself when she finds and names objects in the book. The pages are thick cardboard and the book is very sturdy. The book itself is heavy and large for a 2 year old to carry around, but she manages just fine getting it off of the bookshelf for us to read.

As a parent, I love that Brynlee is so interested in these books. She experiences more and more success as I make our discussions more and more challenging with each read. Although “Look and Find” books are not my favorite as a teacher because they don’t necessarily help with comprehension growth, these books have helped my daughter’s vocabulary skyrocket (not just naming single items – telling me in full sentences where things are or what is happening!) as well as gave her tons of confidence as she can “read” to her younger sister. I’m on the lookout for other books by this same publisher with characters that Brynlee is interested in!

~Thank you to Brynlee’s Mommy Janette for these great reviews!!