Finally, a Book Club for the Little Ones! Join the Giggle Girls Book Club!


The Giggle Girls Book Club is on a mission to breed a new literary clique of smart and bookish girls who love to read! (Because reading is COOL!) This online subscription book club is tailored to young girls up to age 11. Every month, your child will receive a freshly picked book and other fun goodies delivered right to her door! Parents of early readers, this book club is an EXCELLENT way to blend books and fun and friends! Joining the Giggle Girls Book Club with other pals is a perfect way to stay in touch or reconnect with Moms/Dads and baby/kid friends you may have met at school, playgroup or yoga/music class! Everyone can join and get together to open up their box of fun, play and read together!

Dolly received her first subscription today, and it was A HIT! Every month, she will receive a freshly picked book and game or toy and a snack! This month the box contained a great book called “Cara and the Wizard” a beautifully told and illustrated story from Ireland, as well as Valentines stickers, a Kid CLIF bar, bookmark, and lastly, the really fun string-your-own pom-pom necklace that Dolly is modeling in the pic above! Dolly is going to encourage some girlfriends to join so they can all sit around and have cookies and tea and “discuss” the books! (Well, maybe not just yet since Dolly doesn’t quite talk, but the Mommies and I can discuss it for them while Dolly and friends play!)

Try a month subscription to The Giggle Girls Book Club, and I promise, you will not be disappointed! A lot of love went into this box. Also- I was thinking that this would make a beautiful and incredibly thoughtful GIFT for a niece or child’s birthday gift! (They do not need any more Frozen movie stuff, trust me.) If you remember how fun it was as a child to get mail delivered just for you, then give this a try for someone you know! They will be excited just to get the package and even MORE excited once they see all the goodies inside! Joining the Giggle Girls Book Club will help continue to grow a child’s love of learning as they transition from picture books to chapter books, in a fun and special way!

Click here to join the Giggle Girls Book Club! Make sure to tell them Dolly sent you!