“Everybody Loves Hazel” by Carla Komar. (Book Review) |

Dolly won’t let go of her Hazel dolly!

Hazel is a happy and lovable chick who spreads love, peace and happiness all around wherever she went, and therefore love ends up following her wherever she’d go. And today, her birthday was no exception. When she saw a bird looking sad and lonely she invited her to her party.  When Hazel saw a frustrated owl playing soccer she encouraged him and cheered him right up. When a Mommy Duck needed help getting her babies across a busy street, Hazel didnt hesistate to help. But will a storm rain on Hazel’s birthday parade? Or will Hazel’s new friends help her celebrate her big day with the same love she showed them?

This is no surprise here, as Hazel is definitely not the type of chick that would let the rain rain on her parade!! Author Carla Komar is trying to bring back that peace-loving hippie feeling and I am jumping on her bandwagon. I love the main messages “Happiness Rocks! Hope is the Future! Peace Rules the School! Trust Your Peeps! Friends Rule! Love Today!” and other positive examples for children in the story such as the importance of including others, cheering people up when they are down, helping those in need and making lemonade out of lemons. For all the terrible things out there in this world, there is still SO much good, so many wonderful people spreading positive messages. This book shows how far a simple gesture, a simple offering of hope or help or friendship can go… The answer is very far. Random acts of kindness are everywhere and doing so for others can make us feel good in return.

Your child will love the bright happy colors, hearts and flowers and smiling faces of each character. The illustrations are fun, and deliciously dizzying polka dots tie the front and back on the book together. There are no better lessons to be learned by the teachings of this book, so your child can follow Hazel and pay it forward!

You can read more about Hazel and author Carla Komar at hazelsays.com

Title: Everybody Loves Hazel
Author: Carla Komar
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Mascot Books
Release Date: November 4, 2014